The Interrogation

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Paradox Studios produced a 4 minute short called “The Interrogation” in early September. Written and directed by Caden Butera, this story packs a lot of great spy thriller themes into a short film. Starring Special Agent Tyler (Shane Tyler) who finds himself captured as the evil Charles Fletcher (as himself) and his henchman Cruzaedo (Max Jordan) interrogate him with very questionable methods. Including Timber Powell as “The Wolf” with a surprise twist.

“This sketch was inspired by all those James Bond sequences involving a villain going on a long monologue, recalling some arbitrary trivia that eventually becomes analogous to the situation….but this time, what if it never becomes analogous, the villain just found it genuinely interesting.” -Caden Butera

The film was shot on the Blackmagic Pocket 6K and 4K and a combination of vintage Helios and Canon FD lenses. Max Jordan operated “A Camera” and Rob Miller provided locations, craft services, and ran “B Camera” for the project. The amazing crew also included Jackie Newman Butera / 1st AD, Johnston Jeffries / Key grip, Joe Cruzaedo-Wagner / Sound and Art, and Andrew Arvish / PA. Check out more of Caden’s work here. Enjoy the film below