Commercial Short Film Production

This project was a commercial film captured over four days in Spokane. The purpose is to show off an upcoming product. Rather than do a traditional 30 second or 1 minute television-style commercial, the director decided to use a short film format. The name and final product have not yet been released to the public. This was captured on two RED Scarlet W Cinema Cameras #shotonred

Many local Spokane talent worked various roles on set including Actors, Actresses, Cinematographer, Associate Producer, First AC, Drone Pilot, Drone Camera, Audio Engineer, Boom Operator, Visual Effects, Color Grading, and Locations to name a few. We made some great connections and the film has since been produced for private viewing. When the final product is made public in the future I will update this post, but for now here are some screen captures of the final version.

Early drafts of the film included the images below. These are some of my favorites and really show off the talented actors, actresses, and production team as well as some amazing locations around Spokane.